Clash Royale, a new E-sport game with cards

Competitive gaming just got a new genre. For gamers all around the world Clash Royale changed the way they thought about E-sports. For them, E-sports meant League of Legends and Dota 2 but not anymore! A new genre such as cards fight is competing at the highest level with the MOBA type of games. An oldest PC example is Heartstone while this new Supercell game takes the challenge on the mobile platform.

Let’s talk about the gameplay of this game, this one is some kind of RTS+tower defense style of a game. Every gamer has 3 towers, 2 smaller ones and 1 main tower with a king in it. You will receive at the start of the game a deck of cards which will require some kind of elixir to activate in battle. Elixir also refills itself while in the battle so you can summon more cards as you get them after each played hand.

Now, compared to their previous games such as Clash of Clans, Supercell changed the type of the battle in this new one. In Clash Royale you will fight another player in real time rather than attacking its base. Every battle is different since each player can take live actions. Every player is placing his cards the way he wants them, defending the way he considers best upon his enemy strategy. Isn’t it exciting? We think that this type of games are shaping the E-sports as we know it. Supercell even added a streaming option available in-game directly to every gamer twitch channel.

It’s a game developed for both hardcore gamers and casual ones since it’s a smart and a tough one. You will be happy to see that your personal strategy outsmarts other players and also you will be amazed to see how others beat you with no sweat. Gamers train everyday a new deck of cards in order to see they win/lose ratio get higher. This game is already taking the E-sports with its high player base and streamers but for those who don’t want to take their gaming to a competing level, the game offers pretty much nothing because of the monetization model. Supercell decision for cards gain and level advancement pretty much mean that you have to pay money to advance in the game.

Let’s say you want to have a “bring it on” attitude in the game but instead you have to wait 8 hours for a simple upgrade. This does not seem too easy for a casual gamer to advance in the game, so if you want to get the upgrades now you have to pay money. Since time means money (most of the cases) you will be very tempted to pay, just not to waste your time waiting. By this strategy Supercell stands quite firmly and does not want to change it even though players complained about it quite a lot.

To end this slim review of Clash Royale we’d like to say that even though it has it’s bad parts the game still quite offers the feeling you are looking for. Prepare your strategy in advance and crush your oponents!

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