Batheo:Hero and Formation Choice Guide

Hero Attributes:Valor: This can be associated with physical attacks. The higher your Valor the higher your damage output. This is enhanced by buying gears with high Valor Hit and Blacksmithing from the Academy. Best formation for this kind of attribute is Lochoi. This is however countered by buying gears with high Valor Shields.

Spirit: This can be associated as mental/spell attacks. The higher your spirit the higher your damage output. This is enhanced by buying gears with high Spirit Hit and Magic Penetration from the Academy. Best formation for this kind of attribute is Boar’s Head. This is however countered by buying gears with high Spirit Shields.

Elemental: This can be associated as magical attacks. The higher your elemental the higher your damage output. This is enhanced by buying gears with high Elemental Hit. Best formation for this kind of attribute is Testudo or the balanced formation. This is however countered by buying gears with high Elemental Shields.

How does attack work?

-Hey cool! I found this posted on one of the threads. Please read it and try to understand. His theory is quite practical and good. And I have to agree with his Theory.

I’m operating on the theory that each hero uses ALL attributes in their attacks. Something like..
(Attacker Valour Hit/Defender Valour Shield) + (Attacker Spirit Hit/Defender Spirit Shield) + (Attacker Element Hit/Defender Element Shield) * some coefficient.This is not exact math, just a rough outline how I envision it to be like. Othwerise the game would say, ‘spirit hero’ or ‘valour hero’ so you know which to buff up, but it doesn’t, so i think it uses them all.

Part of the reason for this theory is that heroes with lower individual stats do not deal less damage. Another thing is – all heroes have slots for all gear. Why would a mage have slots for weapon and horse otherwise?

Going by this theory, Odesseus and Chiron are pretty much identical in theory, except that Oddesseus’s stats are more evenly spread out, no glaring weaknesses, and will deal consistant damage to all types, wheras Chiron doesn’t do much damage to other Element types, but takes extra damage from valour and spirit types, because of his low values in that score.

(Interestingly enough, Paris deals more Elemental damage than Spirit or Valour with this theory, his element is higher than anything else.)

The flipside is, heroes do not use a single defense against an attack either. Medusa actually has good defences against both Spirit and Element, but low Valour. Since each attack does all 3, she’s not actually ‘weaker’ against a given attack overall than, say, Chiron, however Chiron would take less from an attack that was element heavy than medusa would, wheras Medisa would take less if the combination leaned more towards spirit (Perseus, for example, oddly enough).

Again, pointing to Odysseus, he has no one strong stat, but an average spread. Yet he does not seem to take more damage from any given attack than someone with a high value in that stat. This shows he has no glaring defensive weaknesses, but no strength either.

– shivafang of gladius

How does Armor Work?

-Armors here are like your bread and butter, the lower your armor, the more you get pissed off by NPC’s and players. So here’s how it works.

If your hero for example has high Valor:

-what will happen is you have high Valor shields. So they’re damage is reduced; hence only Valor damage are reduced(to understand what I’m saying, read the quoted comment above).


Your opponent has the ff stats:

Valor: 67
Spirit: 49
Elemental: 55

If we equate the total damage is 57(gear damage not calculated), however with high Valor Shield for example like 45, 67-45 is 22, then the total damage output is reduced to 42

Same goes for Elemental and Spirit Attacks

What hero to Choose?

-So here we are on the neverending question of what hero to choose?

I’ll give you some helpful tips on what kind of hero to choose, remember, never be intimidated on how high one specific attribute is on them, choose wisely and hopefully choose the best.

*Choose heroes with great B.M. or Battle Magic. If you are wondering on how to see what kind of B.M. effect they have, click recruitables then choose the hero you want to view and point the mouse pointer over they’re B.M. Never choose heroes with the same B.M. to be exact. So here are a few tips on what skill effects helped you with:

Rally: After using this, attacks from the next round deals only 1 damage which makes him sweet on front defense.

All-Out Ounslaught: Attacks all enemy troops. Great offensive attack

Nocturnal Blitzkrieg: Has a chance to turn enemy morale to 0. The lower the moral, the greater you hit and the weaker they damage. Great offense unit.

Soul-Taking Arrows: Works like critical strike. One target and huge damage.

All-Around Ambuscade: Can put frontal enemies to chaos. This works like poison to units. If successfully done, deals damage on frontal units.

Strike in Column: This is one of the deadliest B.M. so far. This deals damage in a straight column. Good offensive strategy but is countered by Lochoi.

*Choose heroes with high Valor, but never recruit a second hero with another high valor(You may recruit another one if you have 4 heroes on formation, why? you have your main tank, why waste another one?)

*If you plan to switch a level 8 hero above to a level 1 hero that you think is stronger, think twice. Sometimes its not “just cause” and not “because my friends told me he’s strong” reason. The higher the level, the better the stats and gears you may equip, switching with another one is hassle on laurels, and time.

*Never believe that a hero is weak. All heroes are good, the fact that they say Medusa is weak doesn’t mean she IS weak. She’s weak on defense but I think she has one of the highest offense in the whole game.

How does Formation Work?

-Formation works via Hero. If you have 2 or more valore heroes, switch to Lochoi, if elemental heroes switch to testudo and if spirit heroes, choose boar’s head

Lochoi: Valor heroes benefits hugely from them, not only they increase they’re regular/physical/valor damage, but also boosts strategical defense. Avoiding strike in column.

Testudo: Testudo is good on any hero. Specifically elemental heroes, elemental heroes have weak Valor Shields making them easy to kill. Block is a great help for this formation + you can save Laurels.

Boar’s Head: The all out damage formation. Good on spirit users, however makes you very vulnerable on strike in column, as well as your defense. Increases your spell damage, as well as your B.M. damage.

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  1. Lord Deezy says:

    i cant add my 3rd person to my formation wat should i du

  2. Rajendra Prabhu says:

    Stupid theory!

    A Valor hero uses only his Valor stats in his attack. However, his Valor stats also correspond to his Valor defense. Likewise, his Spirit and Elemental stats correspond to the respective defenses.

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